Better Care, Better Physicians, Great Falls.
Better Care, Better Physicians, Great Falls.
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Great Falls ObGyn Associates

Caring for women and families at every stage of life

   Great Falls ObGyn Associates is an independent physician-owned practice focused on the health and well-being of women and families through the lifespan. Our practice was started in 1974 by Dr Joyner after he retired from the Air Force and his position at Malmstron Air Force Base. We have grown and changed over the years, and now include 7 Ob/Gyns, 2 Midwives, 2 Nurse Practitioners and an aesthetics RN.

   As independent doctors, we are focused on meeting the needs of women and their families. We offer pregnancy care, gynecologic care and surgery as well as minor office procedures. We provide fertility evaluation and treatment, and are pleased to have a relationship with fellowship trained and specialty certified fertility specialist Dr Milroy. Dr Milroy sees consults in our office once monthly, allowing our patients access to the highest level of care without traveling. Pregnancy and fertility ultrasounds are completed right in our office. All second and third trimester Obstetrical ultrasounds are read and interpreted by high risk specialist Dr Fausett, so even normal pregnancies have the benefit of an MFM interpretation at no higher cost than a normal ultrasound. Dr Fausett also sees patients monthly in our office for high risk management and even prepregnancy counseling.

   Because wellness is so much more than treating problems, our practice has expanded to focus on promoting health and well-being. We offer an Ideal Protein weight loss program which has helped many people lose and maintain weight. We are also now offering Functional Medicine, a field that looks at underlying causes of chronic symptoms and restores vibrant health. Further rejuvenating is available through our Aesthetics services which include Botox, fillers, Silkpeel dermalinfusion as well as  laser treatment.

   All of us at Great Falls ObGyn are committed to one thing- your health. We choose to practice independently because we believe that it allows us to provide better care at less cost. The current Healthcare Industry in this country places layers of administrators between you and your doctor, and places the needs of the institution ahead of the patient-doctor relationship. If you want to know that you are your doctor’s only priority, we welcome you to make an appointment.

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