Better Care, Better Physicians, Great Falls.
Better Care, Better Physicians, Great Falls.

From the President

Great Falls Physicians IPA (GFMD IPA) offers many benefits to our member physicians: reduced malpractice insurance costs and access to legal and managed care consultants. GFMD IPA has also developed a Physician Hospital Organization with Benefis. Currently this PHO offers a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) called Treasure State Healthcare Network to community employers.

Great Falls Physicians (GFMD) is an independent physician run organization serving the communities of Central Montana. We are continually finding innovative solutions to improve healthcare in our region by working with individuals across a variety of medical specialties. Our goal is to give independent physicians a voice in the ever changing medical climate and to help them better serve our community.

If you are an independent physician or a physician that wants to become independent, our organization is here to assist you with: practice management implementation, payer credentialing, practice setup, and all other services necessary to support your independent practice endeavor. There are two types of memberships available in GFMD IPA. A full membership fee is $3000 and allows full voting privileges to the member. An Associate membership is $800 and does not provide voting privileges, however the Associate member is entitled full access to all GFMD programs and other membership benefits.

We hope that you are interested in becoming a member of Great Falls Physicians IPA. Please follow the link below to join. If you have any questions, please call our office at (406) 756-8617.

Eliad Culcea
Eliad Culcea, MD